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Tired of wasting countless hours on YouTube trying to learn to play Guitar only to find random bits of material that don't make sense?

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Welcome to The Tao Of Guitar

The WAY of understanding the Guitar

The Guitar can be frustrating but it doesn't have to be confusing. You can spend countless hours searching YouTube to find only a few small nuggets of good tips or you can be guided down a path that will help you connect the dots and make sense of it all.

As a Guitar Teacher of close to 40 years I've had HUNDREDS of students try to learn Guitar on their own and while many of them have been able to learn a few Chords and songs here and there they can't put it all together. That's why I created this course:


* If you are just starting out on the Guitar - This course is for YOU!
* If you have been playing for a while and still struggling with basic Chord changes and Barre Chords - This course is for YOU!
* If you want to be able to write great songs on the Guitar but are limited by your Chord vocabulary, Strumming patters, and Strumming techniques - This course is for YOU!
* If you want to have the TOOLS to be able to easily play THOUSANDS of songs - This course is for YOU!

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Learning Guitar: From Beginner To Hit Songwriter

My online Guitar course LEARNING GUITAR: FROM BEGINNER TO HIT SONGWRITER  will take you from square one if you are just starting out to everything you need to know to be able to play and write HIT songs on the Guitar. Whether you are a total newbie or have been playing for a while but stuck in a rut of the same chords, same strumming patterns, or still having trouble getting from chord to chord this course will help you solve all that.

* If you are just starting out on the Guitar, GREAT! I start you from day 1.

* If you've already been playing for a while but are still struggling with things like Chord changes and Barre Chords you're in luck as I cover all those areas that most struggle with.

* If you are a Songwriter and your writing is in a rut or you need some new Chord embellishments, variations, Strumming patterns or Groove ideas I have just the solution for you.

LEARNING GUITAR: FROM BEGINNER TO HIT SONGRITER contains almost 6 hours of video detailed video instruction broken down into easy to digest modules that you can watch at your own pace and over and over again. I guarantee you will not find a Guitar course that is this comprehensive and has this much in depth detailed instruction for this price.

This course is basically what I would cover with a student in their first 6 - 8 months of private lessons all for well under the cost. Private lessons for this would add up to over $700 and you could easily forget a lot of what you were taught. 

Not everyone's goal is to be a Hit songwriter but everyone wants to be able to play popular songs and I can help you get there. 

With LEARNING GUITAR: FROM BEGINNER TO HIT SONGWRITER you never have to worry about that because you can always go back and review as much as you like and all for only $197


* Get a good grasp on the basics that are probably keeping you from progressing

* Have the tools to be able to play THOUSANDS of songs

* Be able to change chords quicker and smoother with less work

* Learn different techniques to create a variety of sounds and Grooves

* Have an understanding of the most common types of Chords, their variations, and embellishments 

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But don't take just my word for it...

Chris T.


Rusty D.



“He has the unique ability to pinpoint problem areas in my playing and come up with numerous solutions to advance my playing” … Liz O.


“I greatly expanded my ability to play the guitar and understand how to play it thanks to Chris' skills and methods. Chris knows the guitar” … Rich K.


“He doesn't want to just sit and show you how to play a song (like other teachers might) during lessons … rather, he actually wants to teach you how to play the guitar so that you push yourself to use your skills to learn any song” … Chris B.


“I took lessons from Chris for nearly 10 years. Chris is an excellent teacher who finds a balance between teaching you what you want to learn while at the same time teaching what you need to know. Chris has a mastery of the guitar that is world class and also a deep understanding of music theory” … John H.


“I’ve fiddled around on guitar on-and-off for years but never made any progress. Now, after just two months of lessons with Chris, my playing has improved by leaps and bounds. So has my understanding of guitar theory” … Paul O.


“I started lessons with Chris when I was 51. After I learned the basics he made sure he understood my goals and designed a program to meet them. He challenged me without overwhelming me. He is accomplished in so many styles of play and has such a great rapport with students that I would not hesitate to send anyone to him for anything from Country to Heavy Metal. Chris is also an accomplished songwriter. His deep understanding of guitar and music theory allows him to tailor songs to the student’s current progress” … Vince B.


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