Finger Stretching Exercises For The Guitar

Do you feel your fingers are too short?

Do you have trouble reaching to make your Chords sound clean?

Do you wish your fingers simply moved better?

Well I have great news! I can help you achieve all those.

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Finger Stretching Exercises For The Guitar

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Here are just a few of the things you'll learn ...

This Mini-Course is a series of Finger Stretching Exercises on the Guitar I have developed over the years. They have helped myself and my students increase their reach on the Guitar.

In addition to increasing your stretching, some of these exercises in this course also will help with:

* Finger Strength

* Coordination

* Playing Endurance and Stamina


You'll also learn how to create your own exercises to help with ANY area of playing or parts of a song that you may be having trouble with. And YES, these are all exercises you play ON the Guitar.

Finger Strength

Your Fingers will become much stronger as well as dexterous because of the stretching you'll achieve



You'll gain much better control over your fingers and how they move

Playing Stamina

You'll be able to play longer without getting finger fatigue and at the same time become a better overall Guitarist

Only $47


Who am I and how can I help you?

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Less than the cost of a 1 hour Guitar lesson ... ONLY $47

Increase your Finger stretching

Make Chords sound clearer

Increase Finger dexterity

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