Finger Stretching Exercises For The Guitar

Less than the cost of a 1 Hour Guitar Lesson! You have Lifetime Access, can go at your own pace, and watch the videos over and over

Finger Stretching Exercises For The Guitar

Do you feel your fingers are too short?
Do you have trouble reaching to make your Chords sound clean?
Do you wish your fingers simply moved better?

Well I have great news! I can help you achieve all those.

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Take your Guitar playing to the next level NOW!

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Finger Stretching Exercises For The Guitar
Go at your own pace and watch videos over and over

Less than the cost of a 1 hour Guitar lesson ... ONLY $47

YES! I Want To Reach More On The Guitar!

Here are just a few of the things you'll learn ...

This Mini-Course is a series of Finger Stretching Exercises on the Guitar I have developed over the years. They have helped myself and my students increase their reach on the Guitar. In addition to increasing your stretching, some of these exercises in this course also will help with:

* Finger Strength
* Coordination
* Playing Endurance and Stamina

You'll also learn how to create your own exercises to help with ANY area of playing or parts of a song that you may be having trouble with. And YES, these are all exercises you play ON the Guitar.

Finger Strength

Your Fingers will become much stronger as well as dexterous because of the stretching you'll achieve


You'll gain much better control over your fingers and how they move

Playing Stamina

You'll be able to play longer without getting finger fatigue and at the same time become a better overall Guitarist

PLUS Bonus Tips and Videos FREE!

You'll also get access to my Tao Tribe Private Facebook Group where I post additional instructional videos and playing tips and tricks for you at no extra cost

Who am I and How I can help YOU!


But Don't Just take My Word For It ...

Chris T.


Rusty D.


"Chris Immediately worked to establish where I was in my playing and within 5 minutes was providing instruction. Definitely a step up from any other instructor I've had. Looking forward to future lessons... Daryl D."


"I’ve fiddled around on guitar on-and-off for years but never made any progress. Now, after just two months of lessons with Chris, my playing has improved by leaps and bounds. So has my understanding of guitar theory. I am very happy with Chris as a teacher. He’s a cool guy too… Paul O."


"I have been a guitar student of Chris's for over a year now and count myself lucky to have found such a thoroughly professional instructor. Not only is he professional, he has the unique ability to pinpoint problem areas in my playing and come up with numerous solutions to advance my playing. He has taught me so much with his blend of music theory and interesting songs to play. He is patient, well spoken, knowledgeable and a fantastic guitar player! In short, you would do yourself a favor if you consider lessons from Chris Dunnett!... Liz O."


"I started lessons with Chris when I was 51 still doing a lot of business travel. Chris did an excellent job of accommodating my schedule. After I learned the basics he made sure he understood my goals and designed a program to meet them. He challenged me without overwhelming me. He is accomplished in so many styles of play and has such a great rapport with students that I would not hesitate to send anyone to him for anything from Country to Heavy Metal. Chris is also an accomplished songwriter. His deep understanding of guitar and music theory allows him to tailor songs to the student’s current progress. Chris maintains a very high standard of professionalism and integrity. It was a pleasure to be his student… Vince B."


"Very passionate about his work. Excellent player. Very knowledgeable on all aspects of the instrument. Very supportive and patient with his students. He doesn't want to just sit and show you how to play a song (like other teachers might) during lessons … rather, he actually wants to teach you how to play the guitar so that you push yourself to use your skills to learn any song. I highly recommend him if you want to learn and achieve… Chris B."


"I took lessons from Chris for nearly 10 years. Chris is an excellent teacher who finds a balance between teaching you what you want to learn while at the same time teaching what you need to know. Chris has a mastery of the guitar that is world class and also a deep understanding of music theory. I highly recommend Chris for musicians of all skill levels… John H."


"I greatly expanded my ability to play the guitar and understand how to play it thanks to Chris' skills and methods. Chris knows the guitar, has a broad range of musical styles and has successfully taught me and many fellow guitar enthusiasts the gift of guitar music, technique, respect and enjoyment. Whether you are new or experienced with it, if and you want to learn more, Chris can provide you with invaluable and enjoyable guitar training to last a lifetime… Rich K."


Finger Stretching Exercises For The Guitar

Less than the cost of a 1 Hour Guitar Lesson! You have Lifetime Access, can go at your own pace, and watch the videos over and over


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